Web App

Git AI web app is designed to be a comprehensive platform for individuals and teams embarking on AI development and deployment. This guide highlights the web app's key features and how they can elevate your AI deployment journey.

Key Features

Git AI web app is designed to empower users at every stage of their AI development journey. Here are the key features that make Git AI web app stand out:

Public and Private Repositories - Code, Models, Datasets

  • Access to LLMs: Explore and clone public Large Language Models (LLMs). It's an ideal starting point for newcomers wondering how to get into AI development.
  • Privacy for Premium Users: Premium accounts benefit from private repositories, essential for projects requiring confidentiality.

Model Version Control, Experiment Tracking, Model deployment

  • Track Your AI Development: Keep a detailed log of code changes, metadata (scalar metrics, plots, model topology, files), and experiment iterations. A detailed commit history supports your model training and experiment evaluation processes.

    CodeDepot Web app track code, models, and datasets


  • Model Comparison: Leverage version comparison tools to understand model training progress and modifications across experiments.

    CodeDepot Web app comparison feature for metrics, plots, and files

Get Started with Git AI via Web App

Streamline your AI workflow with Git AI. Signing up is free (opens in a new tab), enabling immediate access to the tools and resources necessary for developing and deploying cutting-edge AI models.