Command Line

The Depot command line tool allows users to manage AI clusters and run, manage, and debug Git AI-packaged jobs. It is cloud-agnostic, simplifying the transition between cloud services without altering infrastructure code. Depot also manages remote volumes, secrets, and environment variables in the cluster.

depot login

Allows users to log in into a depot server. This command requests the depot server address and then proceeds with the login process requested by the server. Once login is completed, the server and login information for this server is stored in ˜/.depot/config.json . Depot uses this file for all future access to the server.

The user must be logged in to be able to run all other depot commands.

depot setup [cluster-yaml]

Creates a depot cluster. This command reads the [cluster-yaml] file that describes the cluster (number/address of the nodes, cloud/cloud manager used) and creates it in the desired cloud. If it succeeds, the cluster information will be stored remotely in the depot server, and the user will be able to run commands on the cluster.

depot run [--depot-yaml depot-yaml]

Reads the [depot-yaml] describing the job to be run (defaulting to .depot.yaml if --depot-yaml is not passed) and starts a job on the cluster specified by the file. This command will create all volumes needed for the job and check if shared volumes exist. It will also clone the current repository on the cluster, as well as any input repositories specified by .depot.yaml on the cluster.

After all repositories are cloned and all volumes are created and mounted, this command will start the job using the command specified by the user.

After starting the job, the command will redirect the output of the remote job to the standard output until the user presses CTRL-C , when it will detach from the remote job without stopping.

depot describe [job-name]

Prints the GPU utilization, the contents of the volumes mounted by [job-name] , and the output of the processes running to the standard output.

depot stop [job-name]

Stops all processes and remove all volumes created by [job-name] on the cluster.

depot list

Lists all jobs running on the cluster that are visible to the current user.